About Sly

Stern, firm, and young with a laid-back tongue. The aim was to succeed and achieve by twenty-one, but things haven’t transpired as anticipated. I’m on the seven-year graduation track, and even though those people are usually called doctors, I’ll earn a diploma that will hopefully lead to me being referred to as mister.

As a devoted fan of Detroit sports, I’m never looking for a spot on some bandwagon. With this blog, I’ll definitely be ranting, venting, fuming, celebrating, and verb-ing everything about the world of sports.

As an avid music listener, I’m always looking to expand my collection and give anything a listen to broaden my scope. With this blog, I’ll most certainly be reviewing, suggesting, and commenting on musicians, albums, songs, tours, news etc.

As an eager movie-watcher and cinema attendee, I’ll also be supplying a less than expert, but more than educated opinion on a number of films.

I dabble in video juegos every once in awhile. Most often I play the annual sports titles that make the wallet light, the shelf even more congested than it already is, and consume a decent chunk of my free time.

I read a ton. Rarely do I get a chance to read for pleasure outside of assigned school material, but when I get a break from Twain, Kafka, and Beckett, I pass the time reading over news articles, biographies — autobiographies are for the birds — and the occasional graphic novel.

I thoroughly enjoy people whom have opinions. I like having civilized discussions that morph into heated debates so long as they end the way they started. With this in mind, feel free to comment on any post.

— Ryan


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